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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, November 14, 2018


(Athens, GA) - On Tuesday, Georgia counties reported their provisional and military/overseas ballot results to the Secretary of State's office. Seven days after the November 6th election, businessman Brian Kemp's lead without a runoff or recount remains clear and insurmountable. Even with lawsuits, publicity stunts, and television ads, Stacey Abrams has no viable path to a recount, runoff, or victory. In response, the Kemp for Governor campaign issued the following statement:

"Since Election night, hardworking Georgians have watched how the 'new' Democratic Party behaves," said Cody Hall, Press Secretary. "From reporting fake vote totals and hosting desperate press conferences to filing dangerous lawsuits that attempt to rewrite election law, count illegal votes and create new ones, Stacey Abrams and her radical backers will stop at nothing to undermine democracy and attempt to steal this election to be Georgia's next governor. 

"After all of the theatrics, the math remains the same. Abrams lost and Brian Kemp won. This election is over. Stacey Abrams needs to concede. It’s time to move past the campaign and work towards a safer, stronger Georgia."

As of Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (12:00 PM)
*Information below is public 

Total Votes Reported: 3,938,582
Kemp: 1,978,170 (50.23%)
Abrams: 1,923,185 (48.83%)
Metz: 37,227 (.95%)

Kemp Margin: + 54,985 votes 

Counties Certified: 156

Counties Remaining to Certify: 3

Counties Reporting Total Provisional Results: 159 (All counties)

Original Provisional Ballots in all 159 Counties: 21,190

Total Provisional Ballots Accepted in all 159 Counties: 11,872

Percentage of Provisional Ballots Deemed Ineligible by County Officials: 43.97% 

Counties Not Yet Reporting Provisional Ballot Results: 0

Maximum Number of eligible provisional ballots outstanding in all counties: 0

Maximum Possible Remaining Outstanding Military Absentee Ballots in Counties Not Yet Certified: 0

Total possible ballots remaining: roughly 411 (absentees reported by Gwinnett County with birth date issue)

**All numbers provided are available to the general public and reported by the counties

FACT: Even if every vote (including illegally cast votes) argued for by Abrams for Governor was granted by the courts, verified, and cast for Abrams, Brian Kemp still wins this race without a runoff. No pending court decision changes that mathematical fact. This race is over. Brian Kemp is Governor-Elect. 

Stacey Abrams needs to answer a simple question: Will she accept the outcome of this election and respect the will of Georgia voters, or will she continue to put personal ambitions ahead of the state by contesting this election in an attempt to have the courts help her steal this race?

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